Ogmundur Thor Johannesson, Iceland

Огмундур Тор Йоханнссон родился в 1980 году в Рейкьявике. В 10 лет начал обучаться игре на классической гитаре и в 2000 году с успехом завершил свое музыкальное образование на родине.

Совершенствуя свое мастерство у таких педагогов как Рикардо Гайен, Алекс Гарробе, в 2008 году под руководством Марко Тамайо он получает диплом престижнейшего Зальцбургского Моцартеума (Австрия) и в классе Карло Маркионе - диплом Маастрихтской Консерватории (Голландия). 

Огмундур Тор Йоханнссонн - лауреат нескольких престижных международных конкурсов в Японии, Тайланде, Франции и Испании. Сегодня артист ведет активную концертную деятельность, выступая с концертами в таких странах как Бразилия, США, Израиль, Чили, Китай, Гонг-Конг, Тайвань, Индия, Англия, Франция, Австрия, Испания, Германия и Россия. 

В нашу страну Огмундур приезжает уже второй раз. 

В настоящее время живет в Индии. 


Ögmundur Þór Jóhannesson was born in Reykjavík 1980. He began to study the

classical guitar at the age of 10, and finished his music studies in Iceland with

honors in may 2000.

He made private studies at the “Escola Luthier d'arts musical“ in Barcelona,

Spain from 2000-2002 with Arnaldur Arnarsson, Ricardo Jesús Gallén, Alex

Garrobé and Sadahiro Otani amongst others.

He graduated in June 2008 from Mozarteum University in Salzburg, Austria.

There, under the guidance of Marco Diaz-Tamayo, he finished his Bachelors and

Masters Degree with honors.

He took further lessons with Carlo Marchione in Maastricht Conservatory in

Holland, and received a second Masters Degree.

He has received various awards and recognitions and become a prizewinner in

Tokyo and Bangkok international guitar competitions in November 2011. He

received the sought-after Icelandic Artist Salary Grant for 9 months from the

Icelandic government for 2010, a grant from the Icelandic Rotary Movement in

January 2009, Jean Pierre Jaquillat Institution in 2005 and 2 other artistic awards

that same year from Iceland. In 2003 he won the second price at the II

International guitar competition “Agustin Barrios” in Lambesc, France (first price

was not awarded). In 2001 he was a finalist at the VII International guitar

competition Andres Segovia in Linares, Spain.

He has been invited to perform at various music festivals and concerts in Iceland

(Tíbrá 2005 and 2008, TUF2012, Nordic Music Days 2011, Dark Music Days 2010),

Brazil (BRAVIO, WGC 2012), USA (Mostly Nordic Chamber Music Series, Seattle,

Scandinavian Foundation NYC), Israel (Guitar Gems Festival 2011 with Israel

Kibbutz Orchestra, Chile (Festival Entrecuerdas 2012 with TRM Orchestra),

China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India (Blue Frog, Mumbai), England, France

(Islande-Provence 2006), Austria (Fratres and Trigonale festivals 2007), Spain,

Germany and Russia (St.Petersburg). In 2008 he made the premiere of the Sonata

of Karólína Eiríksdóttir in Paris, France which was dedicated to him.

He has also taught masterclasses in Iceland Academy of Arts, Washington

University, and the Catholic University of Santiago de Chile.

He received excellent critics for both of his solo recitals for the Tíbrá Concert

Series in Iceland in 2005 and 2008 from mbl.is : “...Ögmundur is an astonishing

guitarist”, “...technical security... emotional depth... convincing... with fire...

guitarist of great expectation...”

He has taken various master courses with Aniello Desiderio, Costas Cotsiolis,

Joaquín Clerch, Thomas Müller Pering, Pavel Steidl, Manuel Barrueco and David

Russell, amongst others.

Ögmundur is currently based in India, where apart from international projects,

he is working on promoting the classical guitar in India.

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